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Morgans Creek

Neem, Earth Clay & Turmeric Scrub

Neem, Earth Clay & Turmeric Scrub

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If you're an Acne Soap fan,⠀you're gonna love our Neem,⠀Earth Clay & Turmeric Face & Body Scrub! It exfoliates skin while fighting against acne and even helps to even out acne scars.

Neem is Anti-Fungal, fights against acne and Hydrating. Earth Clay is great for skin scars and sensitive skin.Turmeric is great for evening out skin tone.

DIRECTIONS: Wash your body with soap and water to remove all dirt, oil, and dead skin. Exfoliate the area you wish to treat with a loofah or scrub brush before beginning. Apply some warm water onto your hands, then add 2-3 tablespoons of the sugar scrub into your palm. Rub your palms together until they are well mixed. Gently massage the scrub into the skin

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Sugar, Neem Oil, Fuller's Earth Clay, Turmeric Powder

SIZE: 8oz

Made In Jamaica.

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