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Morgan's Creek

Tea Tree Shower Gel

Tea Tree Shower Gel

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Experience the opulent luxury of our Tea Tree Shower Gel, meticulously formulated with the finest tea tree oil renowned for its potent antibacterial properties. Elevate your skincare regimen with this sumptuous blend, tailored to address a myriad of skin concerns, from acne to athlete's foot, lice to nail fungus, and even insect bites. Immerse yourself in the richness of radiant, revitalized skin, leaving you feeling pampered, refreshed, and utterly rejuvenated.


  • Treats Acne
  • Treats Athlete's Foot
  • Helps with Lice
  • Helps with Fungus
  • Helps with insect bites.

Directions: Get body completely wet and apply Tea Tree Shower Gel to skin with a rag or loofah. Massage gently across skin to cleanse. 

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Cocoamidopryl Betaine, Versadine S Cocoadea, Glydant, Cetrimonium Chloride, Glycerine, Citric Acid, Salt, Tea Tree Oil, Color

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